Name: Walid Sarhan.
Title: Consultant Psychiatrist.
Chief editor of the Arab Journal of Psychiatry
D .O. B.: 20.Nov.1954 AMMAN.
Nationality: Jordanian.
Address: Amman-Jordan
Fax: 0096265349763
Phone: 0096265335446
P.O. Box 541212 Abu-Nusair 11937


  • M.B.B.Ch. Ain Shams Medical School, Cairo-Egypt 1979.
  • Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrist (U.K) 1985.
  • Jordanian Medical Council Certificate-psychiatry 1985.
  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (U.K.) 1996.
  • Certified trainer of CIDI – WHO 2008.


  • Internship in medicine and surgery Italian Hospital – Amman-Jordan (1980-1981).
  • Psychiatric Resident – Ministry of Health, the National Center of mental health Jordan (1981-1982).
  • Psychiatric Senior House Officer and Registrar, covering general adult psychiatry, psycho geriatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, mental handicap and community psychiatry in U.K. attached to Warely Hospital rotation scheme (Havering,Barking, Brentwood Area- Health Authority) North East Thames Region (1982-1985)
  • Consultant Psychiatrist and Academic Director of the National Center for Mental Health-Jordan, Where I established the training scheme which is recognized for the Jordanian Medical Council Certificate and the Arab Board for high medical specialties (1985-1986).
  • Supervising several special education centers and schools for special education dealing with childhood disorders, autism and disintegrative psychosis as well as mental handicapped children of all categories and grades.
  • Consultant in Aviation psychology and psychiatry for the Royal Jordanian Airlines (1986-1996).
  • Consultant psychiatrist- private clinic (1986-to date) Amman – Jordan.
  • General Manager –Al-Rashid Private psychiatric hospital and consultant psychiatrist in the same hospital (1996-2005) Jordan.
  • Consultant psychiatrist, Private Clinic (2005–now). Amman – Jordan.


  • The Jordanian Medical Association – 1980.
  • The Jordanian Ministry of Health – 1980.
  • The General Medical Council permanent registration [U.K.] – 1985
  • The Jordanian Medical Council – 1985.


  • Member of the Executive committee of the third pan Arab Conference on Psychiatry, Amman, Jordan 1987.
  • Member of the organizing committee of the fourth pan Arab Conference on Psychiatry, Sana’a, Yemen 1989.
  • Member of the psychiatric committee of the Jordanian Medical Council, and examiner for the Jordanian Board in psychiatry (1990-1999).
  • President of the Jordanian psychiatric rehabilitation society, Al-Fuhais, Jordan between (1989-1992).
  • Member of the National High committee for prevention of crime and suicide. Amman-Jordan between (1988-1990).
  • Member of the national committee for prevention of Addiction (1985-1986).
  • Member of the drug addiction monitoring committee in the ministry of the health (1990-1996).
  • Member of the national committee for prevention of AIDS between (1990-1993).
  • General Secretary of the Jordanian Psychiatric Society (1989-1990).
  • Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists (1989-1994).
  • Deputy Editor of the Arab Journal of Psychiatry since 1989-2008.
  • Member of the world Federation for Mental Health since 1986.
  • Chief Editor of “the family doctor” journal addressing the public (1996-1998).
  • Member of several voluntary organizations in Jordan (prevention of road traffic accident, Anti-smoking campaign, Social defense).
  • Member of the organizing committee of the fifth pan Arab conference on psychiatry Casablanca-Morocco 1992.
  • Member of the organizing committee of the sixth pan Arab conference on psychiatry Cairo-Egypt 1994.
  • Member of the advisory board of the seventh pan Arab conference on psychiatry Beirut-Lebanon 1996.
  • Representative of Jordan in the Middle East section of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • The Organizer of the Regional Meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists- Amman 2000.
  • Member of the Executive committee of the second Mediterranean congress on sexual dysfunctions and the symposium of international Symposium on male sexual surgery of erectile dysfunction Amman 2002.
  • Member of the advisory board of the scientific committee of the XIII the world congress of psychiatry, September 2005 Cairo.
  • Member of the advisory board of the fifth Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society Congress 23-25 Sept.2004.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the first International scientific convention of the Jordan society for Islamic studies Amman July 2004.
  • Member of the Jordanian high national committee for mental health 2005-02-21
  • Elected member of the executive committee of the Middle East international division of the board of international affairs 2005.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Royal College of psychiatrists-Regional meeting-Lebanon-March 2007.
  • Editing Director of the Arab Journal of Psychiatry 2008-2010.
  • Member of the international editorial board of the current psychiatry journal – Egypt 2008.
  • Member of the board of the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists 2008.
  • Head of the editing and publishing section in the Arab Federation of Psychiatrists 2008-2010.
  • Consultant of UNICEF for the child mental health 2009
  • The chairman of the scientific committee of the first international congress of the Jordanian association of psychiatrists Amman 6 – 9 April 2010.
  • Member of the editorial board of the official Journal of the WPA (World Psychiatry) – the Arabic edition – 2010.
  • Chief editor: The Arab Journal of Psychiatry 2010.
  • Member of the executive committee of the Arab Federations of Psychiatrists 2010- Khartoum-Sudan.


  • Lecturing and participating in the teaching and scientific activities in the National Center for Mental Health-Al-Fuhais 1985-1998.
  • Lecturing in general hospitals for other specialists on psychiatric topics (Al-Bashir and Islamic hospitals in Amman).
  • Lecturing in the continuous medical education activities of the Jordanian medical association.
  • Lecturing in the police academy and the judicial institute.
  • Lecturing in the Jordanian Medical Council Continuous education program.
  • Lecturing in the Middle East region for medical staff.
  • Lecturing of Amman Ahlya University – Amman – Jordan in the program of Master clinical Psychology 2010.


  • Established the training program in the national center for mental health -Jordan.
  • Representing the Arab Federation of psychiatrists, in front of the Arab council of ministers of health, to establish psychiatry on the list of specialties of the Arab board of medical specialties, to lay down the rulesof training and examination in psychiatry (1991).
  • Establishing the training program at Al-Rashid hospital 1996. Approved by the Jordanian Medical Council and the Arab Board for medical specialties. .


  • Public education through lectures, articles in the newspapers and magazines, radio, and television programs.
  • Participation in the activities of different Jordanian agencies and institutions e.g. Ministry of Health, Medical association, General Union of voluntary organizations.
  • Establishing member of the Medical Aid for Palestinian (Charity Organization).
  • Hosting a weekly TV program on human conduct (1992-1994), 120 half an hour episodes.
  • Weekly radio talks for 3 years. 1990-1993.
  • Hundreds of articles in magazine and newspapers.
  • Presenting T.V program on child up bringing (2001).
  • Presenting T.V. program [people’s problems] 2005.
  • Presenting T.V. program (relax) 2009.

(English Language)

  • A review of the new Benzodiazepine Alprazolam – the International Egyptian Conference on psychiatry – Cairo 1988.
  • One-year experience with alprazolam, an open clinical trial, presented in the fourth pan Arab conference on psychiatry, Sana’a, 1989. In addition,was published in the supplement of the Arab journal of psychiatry (volume 1, No.2. May 1990).
  • Review article on lithium published in the Bulletin of the consulting Medical laboratories, Amman 1990.
  • Open clinical trial on Moclobemide CO-Author Dr. A. Takriti, presented in the fifth pan Arab conference in Casablanca.
  • Panic disorder: An article published in HIKMA bulletin (volume 5. No.2 Sept. 1991).
  • Open clinical trial on Fluvoxamine on 120 patients, presented in the meeting of the Egyptian psychiatric Association Cairo -1994.
  • A study on one thousand patients to show the pattern of presentation in private psychiatric practice in Amman, presented in the 6th pan Arab Conference on psychiatry, Cairo, 1994. CO-Author Dr. B. Abdel Rahim.
  • Long-term treatment of schizophrenia with Risperidone (An International, Multicenter, Open Label Trial. Ris- Int-36) N.Abu-Hijleh, A.Takriti, W.Sarhan, A.Saad.
  • A study on the profile of addiction at Al-Rashid hospital -Co- author Dr. K. Mughrabi. The Royal College of Psychiatrists Meeting Amman. Sept. 2000.
  • Substance abuse among patients with social phobia, Co-author Dr. M. Habashneh. The Royal College of psychiatrist Meeting – Amman. Sept. 2000.
  • The personalities profile among 50 patients with Substance Misuse Co-author Dr. J. Al-Khatib. The Royal College of psychiatrist Meeting. Amman. Sept. 2000.
  • Private practice of psychiatry in Jordan paper presented to the Royal College of psychiatrist Meeting. Amman Sept. 2000.
  • Ethical and legal issues and dementia April 2001, presented to the Middle East conference on Alzheimer’s disease / Cyprus.
  • Differential Diagnosis of dementia – April 2001 , co-authors A. Kurdi , A. Mubaideen , Presented to the middle east conference on Alzheimer’s Disease / Cyprus.
  • The profile of substance abuse in private psychiatric hospital in Jordan. Co-author K. Mughrabi- Irbid, the first conference of medical school – Jordan University of since and Science and Technology April 2001.
  • Depression and myocardial infarction ,Royal Medical Services Conference – Nov .2001.Amman
  • Sexual knowledge attitude and behavior among married Jordanian women , paper presented to the 2nd Mediterranean conference on sexual dysfunction and the 3rd international symphonize of surgery of dysfunctions June 2002 Amman.
  • The effect of male sexuality on female sexual dysfunctions a clinical perspective in the Arab culture. Paper presented to the second Mediterranean conference on sexual dysfunctions and third international symposium on surgery of erectile dysfunction June 2002 Amman.
  • Sexual knowledge attitude and behavior among single Jordanian men-presented to the Royal Medical Conference Amman October 2003.
  • Depression and ischemic heart disease :review article –the Arab journal of psychiatry(2003) vol.14 No.2 page(82-87)
  • Suicide: psychiatric and Islamic perspectives
  • The first International Scientific Convention Society for Islamic Studies Amman –July 2004.
  • Psycho-oncology Review the Fifth Pan Arab Neurosurgical Congress Sep.2004.
  • Psychiatric aspects of gastrointestinal disorders. The Jordanian. GIT conference- Amman sept.2005.
  • Addiction: lecture the Jordanian pharmacists’ conference sept.2005- Amman.
  • Psychiatric aspects of Menopause-The Jordanian conference of obstetrics and Gynecology-Amman March 2006.
  • Addiction: The First Zarqa Medical conference March 2006.
  • Psychiatric aspects of Hypertension – The Jordanian society for hypertension conference- April 2006 Amman.
  • Psychiatric Presentation of Dementia in Jordan co-author – Jamal Khatib- Arab Journal of Psychiatry (2007) vol.18.No.2 Page (108-115).
  • Update on Atypical Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia – lecture The first international congress of the Jordanian association of psychiatrist 6 – 9 April 2010 – Amman.
  • The metabolie Syndrome in patients treated with Atypical Neurolepties . The first international Congress of the Jordanian association of psychiatrist 6 – 9 April 2010 – Amman.
  • Sexual Knowledge, attitude among married Jordanian men. Research paper with Dr. Wael Sammara. The first international congress of the Jordanian association of psychiatrists 6 -9 April 2010 – Amman.
  • Attitude, Knowledge & Behavior of physicians to ward psychiatry, Research paper with Dr. Baha Tbaza, The first international congress of the Jordanian association psychiatrists 6 – 9 April 2010 – Amman.
  • Factors affecting compliance of therapy in schizophrenia- the eleventh Panarab conferences on psychiatry – December 2010 – Khartoum.

(Arabic Language)

  • A review of the literature on the methods to stop smoking presented to the symposium (the Arab action against smoking) Amman 1988.
  • Child separation from parents (review and discussion of the Jordanian family): Symposium on the Preventive Aspects of mental Health -Jordan University Amman-1988.
  • The Psychology of smoking. A contribution to the Jordanian Anti-Smoking Campaign-Amman 1989.
  • The Arab and Islamic civilization contribution to psychiatry: A review article Co-Author Dr. Ali Kamal, Arab journal of Psychiatry (volume 1, No 1, 1989).
  • Child Abuse (physical and psychological, causes and consequences) a review paper raising the problem in Jordan-Symposium organized by the National Organization for childcare and education – Amman- 1988.
  • Causes of Drug abuse and addiction. Contribution to the program of education in the prevention of addiction – Yarmok University, Irbid, Jordan 1990.
  • Psychological Development of the child and the safety at home: Paper in a symposium -Nour Al-Hussien foundation-Amman 1990.
  • Motives of suicide in Jordan: A study on suicide notes, presented to the Seminar (the crime and the society). – Public security- Co Author Captain Bashir Al-Bilbisi-Amman 1989.
  • Published the first book of a series called “Conduct” which is a general introduction of human behavior on the individual and social level
  • Practical methods to stop smoking presented on the international day to stop smoking in the Jordanian anti-smoking Society-1995.
  • Several papers in addiction, Road Traffic accidents, Child and woman problem, Child abuse, wife battering, Traditional healers andmany other topics.
  • Published the second book of Conduct Series on Schizophrenia 2000.
  • Published the third book of conduct Series on Depression 2001.
  • Hesitation in visiting psychiatrist in the Arab world – presented on the 7th of April 2001, which is the world health day , addressing mental health as declared by WHO for the year 2001 .
  • Publication of the forth book in the conduct series (anxiety) 2004.
  • Publication of the fifth book of the series (Slowkiat). (People Problems) 2005.
  • Lecture on the phenomena of firearm injuries in weddings – Mutaa University – Karak – Jordan December 2006.
  • Avicenna – 1st Part – The Arab journal of Psychiatry (2006). Vol.17.No1. Page 92-105).
  • Avicenna – 2nd Part – The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (2006). Vol.17.No.2, Page (215 – 232).
  • Publication of the sixth book of the series (Slowkiat). Psychiatric lectures 2007.
  • Al – Razi the first Arab Physician – The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (2007). Vol.18. No.2 Page (126 – 133).
  • Publication of the seventh book of the Series (Slowkiat) (OCD) – 2008.
  • Publication of the eighth book of the series (slowkiat) (AUTSM)-2009
  • Mental Health: Book for undergraduate students of Social work, published by the open University of Jerusalem 2009.


  • Consultant Psychiatrist-Private Clinic.
  • 121 Yajouz street Al-Jubieha-Near the Ministry of High Education. Amman – Jordan

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