In spite of what several commercialized hair product

In spite of what several commercialized hair product providers are going to share you, in that location unquestionably is a natural bring around for natural hair loss treatment; with awful consequences being known inside 6 to 10 weeks! Even though before we move onto what this instinctive cure requires, it’s crucial to realize the primary reasons for hair loss in the beginning place. At one time the campaigns are recognized and empathized, moving on to finding out a natural cure is comparatively easily. How to cure hair loss which is For women, as for men, hair loss is able to commonly be assigned to 1 of 3 principal imbalances that affect the development cycle; Chemical, Mental or bodily. Whenever these unbalances are adjusted then medical proof displays that a natural cure hair loss is extremely possible. Aside from imbalance, hair fall may likewise be induced through a compounding of factors in occurring collectively, generally across a long period of time. At last, thankfully quite seldom, unrestrained hair fall and baldness is able to be due to events where take back or trauma is the factor needed is like the death of a close family member, or unexpected sickness. As luck would have it cases of shock are very uncommon, and they commonly manage to correctly themselves without some treatment involved. And so, whenever trauma cases are uncommon, allow us analyze the main reason for hair loss, which is the 3 shapes of instability. Instability very simply is while your body can’t match sure exchanges in the method it ought to do.

These exchanges not only have a badly effect on your hair development cycle even though also your wellness and well being as well. The scalp, alike some additional organ of the body, requires to be right asserted and balanced in order to function decently; this is where a natural cure hair loss works faraway more in effect than commercially manufactured cures, because it offers to determine and re-balance. Whenever this instability isn’t adjusted, the development cycle is impacted and troubles develop that it is by nature become worse the longer they’re leftover. The first instability is the chemical instability, while the body contains overly much, or not adequate of a specific chemical. This could admit the case of sebum in the hair.

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Find the Cure by Finding the Cause

Depression is a medical illness that involves your thoughts, mood, and body. It affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things.

Common Symptoms of Depression:


Feeling sad, blue, and incapable of feeling pleasure.

Change in appetite. Eating too much or not enough.

Changes in sleeping habits.

Feeling hopeless, worthless, guilty, low self esteem.

Loss of energy, no motivation, no interest or pleasure in activities.

Persistent physical symptoms such as aches, pains, headaches, stomach aches, and pain which no physical cause can be found.

Thoughts of death and suicide.

Weight gain or weight loss

General Causes of Depression


Depression can be triggered by traumatic life events, poor diet, genetic conditions, blood sugar imbalances, medical illness, hormone imbalance, lack of exercise, medications, drug and alcohol use, and digestive difficulties. These triggers are known to cause or contribute to neurotransmitter imbalances.


Neurotransmitters are chemicals that carry signals to your brain and nerves. When the messages are not delivered correctly Depression and other mental and physical problems can occur.

Finding the Cause of Your Depression

Testing for Neurotransmitter Imbalances


A single neurotransmitter imbalance can result in multiple symptoms. By identifying the chemical imbalances with neurotransmitter tests and understanding how neurotransmitters function and interact in depression, it is possible to better match treatments to the individuals own chemical imbalance.


You can now test your Neurotransmitter levels by a simple non invasive urine test. This test can determine your levels of:










Testing for Hormone Imbalance


Many women may develop symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood swings as estrogen levels begin to fluctuate during perimenopausal years then further decline at menopause. Too many women that suffer from menopause and depression have been put on anti-depressant medications instead of addressing the hormone levels through testing and natural bio identical hormones.


Of those individuals that are clinically depressed, around one-half will have an excess of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands. Located near the kidneys, the adrenal glands assist us in our reactions to stressful events.


A non-invasive saliva test can help determine your hormone levels. Testing will determine what products should be used to correct the imbalance that is disrupting your body’s hormone regulation. Estradiol, Estrone, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA, and even thyroid levels are available by a saliva test.

Finding Your Depression Cure


With the information provided from testing you will be able to better cure the symptoms of depression.

Neurotransmitter Imbalances can be corrected naturally by using targeted amino acid therapy which has the ability to raise or lower levels of the neurotransmitters found out of balance. When your neurotransmitter levels come back into balance the chemical messages are now delivered correctly. Restored communication means the alleviation of depressive symptoms.


Hormone imbalances can also be corrected naturally by balancing neurotransmitter levels, using herbs and bio identical hormone replacement.


The mental health experts at Integrative can help you put it all together. We can send testing supplies anywhere in the world, and provide telephone consultations to provide expert evaluation and treatment.

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Neurotransmitter Tests: Diagnosing the Problem to Suggest a Solution

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers of the nervous system, essential for relaying signals within the brain and communicating with all organ systems of the body.

A neurotransmitter imbalance is an underlying cause for the improper functioning of the communication system of the body. Recent medical surveys report that eight out of ten people are found to suffer from neurotransmitter imbalances that ultimately result in general disorders like obesity, migraine headaches, depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Thus, it is of great importance to undergo the right kind of neurotransmitter testing, to diagnose the problem and get treated for it.

The Nature of Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter tests are available to determine the levels of major neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and GABA.

There are a number of facts related to neurotransmitter tests that are discussed as below:

• Studies have demonstrated direct neurotransmitter transport out of the CNS, into the periphery, via blood-brain barrier transporters.

• It is a more efficient way to establish the response an individual is having towards medicines and supplements taken for conditions like depression and anxiety.

• Urinary neurotransmitter testing may identify the underlying neurochemical imbalances that affect mental disorders.

• Researchers have repeatedly demonstrated that urinary neurotransmitter measurements correlate with neurological conditions

The Method Employed For Neurotransmitter Tests

Neurotransmitters circulating in the blood are filtered by the kidneys and subsequently excreted in the urine. The existence of intact neurotransmitters in urine is not disputed, as evidenced by studies demonstrating renal transporters capable of filtering neurotransmitters from the blood to the urine. A simple non invasive urine collection can be employed to obtain the levels of the main neurotransmitters that regulate mood and behavior.

Neurotransmitters currently available for testing:

1. Epinephrine

2. Norepinephrine

3. Dopamine

4. Serotonin


6. PEA

7. Glutamate

8. Histamine

How Do I Get Tested?

Neurotransmitter test kits can be sent anywhere in the world. This testing utilizes a simple urine specimen you collect in the privacy of your home and send back via postal service to the lab.

Once you have been provided with the test results you can then follow up with neurotransmitter supplements that rebalance your chemistry to provide a more natural cure for depression, anxiety, and many other mental health disorders.

Don’t trust your brain chemistry to just anyone! Find a mental health practitioner that:

• Is experience in neurochemistry and neurotransmitter dysfunction

• Provides customized treatment protocols based on symptoms and lab results

• Provides consultations and follow up testing

• Has training and experience with psychotropic medications

Integrative Psychiatry is an outpatient psychiatric organization that offers neurotransmitter tests, hormone test, adrenal stress tests, plus many others to determine the cause of your depression, ADHD, anxiety, and mood swings. Moreover, it provides a unique system of telephone consultations with mental health experts in the field to get information about the tests and also to discuss test results and make recommendations.

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